Mini servicing

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Pre Service Inspection
Before working on your vehicle our technicians will be informed by the service manager about the work that has been set out for your vehicle. The Technician will then fit the necessary covers over the seats and floor of your vehicle to protect it while being driven. The vehicle will then be brought into the workshop and placed in one of our state of the art service bays and carefully lifted onto the ramp. We only use top of the range Zippo ramps for their quality and low entry height enabling us to service even the lowest of sports cars.
Once on the ramp the technician is free to check all the necessary ancillaries on your vehicle such as the lights, wipers, doors, heaters and air conditioning. Everything is checked and ticked off on the vehicle specific service schedule and any problems are reported to the service manager.

The car is then raised to a medium height and all four road wheels are checked for wheel bearing wear and then removed to allow our technicians to inspect the wheels for tyre irregularities and wear. With the wheels removed our technicians can now check the suspension including ball joints, bushes and steering components.
At the same time our technician will also perform a thorough brake check examining all the parts from the calipers to the sensors and advising of any parts that are worn and should be replaced.


PHONE: 01895 448 444