Commercial Bridging Loans

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Bridging Loans for Commercial Property

Bridging Finance 4U specialise in a wide range of Commercial Bridging finance solutions for UK applicant businesses.

We deal with a wide range of UK commercial bridging loan lenders, and are confident in our ability to broker you a competitive commercial bridging finance deal to meet your specific needs and requirements.

Commercial bridging finance is short term bridging finance solutions which are used to help businesses of any size to bridge the gap between the acquisition of a new commercial property and the sale of an existing commercial property. They work much in the same way that a bridging loan can be used to bridge a residential property purchase, with a primary difference being that the subject property is of a commercial nature.

Any loan that is secured against a residential property (a property which is at least 40% used for residential purposes by you or a family member) is currently regulated by the Financial Services Authority (“the FSA”). If the security property is not residential then the loan transaction is classed as non-regulated i.e. is not regulated by the FSA.

However, just because a commercial bridging finance is “non-regulated” it does not mean that we will treat you with any less attention, fairness or transparency. We make sure that all our clients fully understand the costs, risks and implications of a transaction before committing to proceed. You will not be placed under any obligation or pressure at any time.

Until 2008 there were a relatively large number of commercial bridging finance brokers operating in the UK market, but since the “credit-crunch” many have fallen away. Bridging Finance 4 U are still going strong, and happy to help broker a competitive commercial bridging finance deal for you.