How much does a loft conversions cost in London

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Legislation like building regulations and planning permissions are often a big area of concern for our customers; just what is required and how complicated does it get?


With most garage and loft conversions things are actually fairly straightforward, in many cases planning permissions aren’t even needed, however it’s important to understand when legislation becomes important and how we can help you with it. Wherever possible we aim to exceed statutory requirements, leaving our customers with garage and loft conversions which are exceptionally safe and beautifully designed and built. 

Planning permissions
Sometimes conversions can require planning permissions; extending a garage as part of a conversion or adding dormer windows to the front of a loft requires for the full planning process to be carried out. As part of our comprehensive service to customers we take care of the whole process, preparing method statements, filling out the forms and putting together any structural drawings required to get your permission approved.

Building control certificates
When a building project is completed it’s important that the work is checked over by an independent person who can ensure all the building regulations have been adhered to.

General requirements
On top of any specifics like building codes, there are lots of other legislative requirements such as having utilities installed by certified individuals, meeting health and safety requirements during the build and in the design and of course fire regulations.

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